Permanent exhibition in the depot "Am Steinberg

Visit us in the listed halls of the former depot Am Steinberg! Commissioned in 1908, the hall offers not only the impressive historical fleet but also architectural highlights. The area with the address "Am Steinberg 35" is one of the few in the city of Düsseldorf which has remained almost unchanged until today. Nothing has been demolished here since the development. Even the residential building, which used to serve exclusively as company housing for Rheinbahn employees, was rebuilt after heavy destruction during the Second World War.

Foto: Brigitte Männel
On September 12, 2021, the new permanent exhibition was opened at the Am Steinberg depot. Railcars 5231 and 3206 can be seen on the track apron.

The permanent exhibition "125 Years Rheinbahn"

In seven chapters - from the end of the 19th century to the present day - a new exhibition area provides information about the closely related history of the city and transport and shows the special influence of the Rheinbahn on urban development. A separate chapter is devoted to the former shipping operations of the Rheinbahn.

Foto: Brigitte Männel
In the listed central hall, time islands and models, like exhibits, give a close-up account of times gone by.

For people interested in technology and model enthusiasts

In the entrance area of the depot, models are an eye-catcher for visitors: In keeping with the anniversary occasion, the Düsseldorf streetcar fleet is on display in 1:87 scale, from the small carriages of the horse-drawn streetcar to the light rail car in the anniversary design.

Many times larger are the almost 100-year-old models on a scale of 1:5, which were made by the Rheinbahn's training workshop for the "Great Exhibition Düsseldorf 1926 for Health Care, Social Welfare and Physical Exercise (GeSoLei)". Their attention to detail is impressive, which you can see for yourself when the original is standing next to it, as could be done with the Sprengwagen 51.

Furthermore, the well-known "Dyfa-Anzeigen" (dynamic journey indicators) from the stops can be seen up close, as well as the predecessor with drop blades. An LZB signal invites to "self-service". A control center workstation simulates the work of a signalman at the end of the 1980s.

Foto: Brigitte Männel
A model railway module shows part of the former Grafenberg depot. The model railway layout is located in the workshop hall and has a proud length of currently 5 meters.

Club store on site

At the stand of the association interested people can inform themselves about the work of the association. In addition, there is always a selection of various journals, the club magazine and various changing items. From the conductor's bag to the coveted model bus, everything is currently available! Card payment is also possible!

Foto: Brigitte Männel
At the club stand you will find all kinds of literature and rarities. Beside the regularly published <Line D> magazines there is further literature or for example also line course signs.

Changing vehicle exhibition

The vehicle exhibition in the hall changes every now and then, so that different vehicles are "in the front row". A recurring visit is therefore worthwhile!